And there I am, up on the stage
AU | Band Video Chat

Alright, it’s all set up. Soon the other members pop up on screen, as well. The link to their chat session is posted on the Bloody Falcons’ site. Now they just wait to see people come in. In the meantime, some more derpery.

"You got the link up, right?"

"Yes, Beakface, I did."

"Oh! Man, I got this story! I was walking home and this shit-bag almost hit me with their fuckin’ car!"

"Awesome story, bro… Damn, what shitty drivers."

"I know, man!"

"They had terrible aim. What a shame. You’re still here…"

”.. Oh, ha ha. Funny. You wouldn’t be able to replace me.”

"There are a shit-ton of people picking up guitar. I’m sure some would have enough skill or more."